Married at First Sight

How MAFS' Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer have kept their relationship alive in the real world

They're not showing any signs of slowing down!

By Alana Mizzoni
Trigger warning: This article discusses suicide. Help is always available - call Lifeline on 0800 543 354.
Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie were one of the most contentious couples on Married At First Sight's ninth season, but that hasn't stopped them from forging a genuine relationship in the outside world.
In fact, they're the only remaining couple matched by the experts from the latest season - which is an achievement in itself.
Despite the backlash the couple, and in particular Olivia, has received from fans, their love bubble doesn't seem to be popping any time soon.
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Season nine MAFS couple Olivia and Jackson are still happily dating. (Image: Instagram)
Since February, the couple has been photographed looking loved-up on Olivia's hometown of the Central Coast, where Jackson relocated to from Melbourne.
"Central Coast is unreal I absolutely love it up there, being by the beach, flat out is awesome," Jackson said of his new home during an Instagram Q&A in early May.
When asked what the future holds, Jackson responded: "Build our funds, go travelling and see what happens. Just do life."
When it comes to said funds, Olivia and Jackson said they aren't opposed to creating an OnlyFans account to save money for a house.
"Money is money," Jackson said in response to a question on Instagram, while Olivia added: "I'd do it. I have nothing against it. I've never had anything against it. Give me a house deposit, I'll do it."
As for kids, Olivia revealed she is "very clucky" and would like as many babies as her "finances and body will allow."
While Jackson made the move from Melbourne to NSW for Olivia, she has still spent time with his family.
Over Easter, Jackson and Olivia visited his sister and took to Instagram to share a photo of the three of them.
In April, paparazzi photos showed the couple looking smitten as they shopped for rings at a luxe Sydney jewellery store, sparking major engagement rumours.
Olivia was showed a 5ct diamond ring believed to cost $100,000, however, Jackson is yet to pop the question.
In early April, Olivia and Jackson were approached by The Wash on their way to dinner where the former bride revealed how distressed she became during filming.
"I told the house AP [associate producer], 'I will throw myself off the balcony'," she said, referencing when Jackson was forced to leave their apartment for 24 hours during a task delegated to them by Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar.
Over Easter, Jackson and Olivia visited his sister and took to Instagram to share a photo of the three of them. (Image: Instagram)
When asked by the publication if she said it as a joke, she rolled her eyes and responded: "Yeah, but I was like seriously distraught."
Olivia went on to reveal she wasn't actually suicidal at the time, but "was that upset, that distraught".
"That whole [storyline of] me having a meltdown because Jackson was gone for a night, I was freaked out that he was gone for the night because the day before I wanted to go home [and quit], but the psychologist behind the scenes told me, 'It's okay you're with Jackson, just have a good weekend with him'."
Jackson and Olivia have also kept close with some of their fellow co-stars, in particular Tamara Djordjevic, Samantha Moitzi, Mitch Eynaud, Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes.
At the final vows, Olivia told Jackson she loved him, however he didn't reciprocate her strong feelings, saying: "I want you to know that I'm definitely on my way there and when I do finally say it, you will know that it's sincere and in that moment I will love you with my whole heart.
"I'm so excited to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us."
After the episode aired, Olivia told 9Entertainment that telling Jackson she loved him "just felt like the most natural thing in the world to do".
Olivia went on to say she wasn't bothered by Jackson not saying it back, admitting she knew he most likely wouldn't.
"I also hoped that he kinda wouldn't because I think if he did I would always question if he just said it because pressure got to him. I think he's there, he just hasn't had the penny drop, the eureka moment hasn't happened… but we're very close," she said.
Olivia has spent time with Jackson's friends. (Image: Instagram)
On MAFS, Jackson and Olivia wasted no time opening up to each other on their wedding day, with Olivia candidly revealing to Jackson that she has struggled with "a lack of self-esteem".
However during the fourth week of the experiment, Olivia and Jackson hit their first major relationship test after getting into a tearful disagreement over her drama with Domenica.
The teaching student went toe-to-toe with Domenica during the couples' getaway, which resulted in a screaming match and a smashed wine glass.
The fight was somewhat of a follow up to their spat at the fourth commitment ceremony, where Olivia accused Domenica of picking on Carolina Santos over her treatment of husband Dion Giannarelli.
The MAFS bride revealed she's "very clucky" and would like as many babies as her "finances and body will allow." (Image: Nine)
During the girls' dinner at the couples' retreat, Olivia reignited their feud by announcing to the group: "Jackson and I had a thought, if you two went at it, it would be like a great white shark and a crocodile. So, I think that's playing out right now I'm really excited."
Domenica felt antagonised and smashed a wine glass before an all-out screaming match broke out between the pair. The following night, Jackson encouraged Olivia to make peace with Domenica, who later apologised to the entire group for her actions.
But during the apology, Olivia made several snide remarks under her breath about Domenica, which prompted Jackson to realise there was a side to his wife he'd never seen before.
Jackson told Olivia that her comments, which included "can someone pass me some cyanide", didn't sit well with him.