Married at First Sight

Reality TV couple Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally have broken up

The Married At First Sight bride and Love Island runnerup are no longer together - and the saddest part, they're expecting a baby son together.

Reality TV couple and parents-to-be Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally have broken up.
Cyrell, who failed to find love on Married At First Sight Australia, and Eden Dally, who was a runnerup on Love Island in 2018, are expecting a baby son together after striking up a romance in March. However, the couple are no more if a post on Instagram from Cyrell is anything to go by.
Cyrelle posted an image of herself cradling her bare pregnant belly and captioned the image, "Even if it's just you and me. We'll create our own happiness. #mylittleprince #myoneandonly"

Only earlier this month the couple presented as a united front as they spoke out about the relentless online bullying they've received since appearing on reality TV shows.
They said the bullying had only got worse since Cyrell became pregnant, with online trolls accusing them of faking the pregnancy to enhance their profiles.
"They're saying we're extending our 15 minutes of fame and now we get people writing saying 'You don't deserve that baby, that child deserves better parents', 'You should have a miscarriage' and racial remarks like 'You're going to have a half black monkey baby,'" Cyrell shared.
"It's really hurtful and people don't realise how much words get to you. Eden ended up having to take my phone and I've never had that in my life where as a grown woman I've had my phone taken away from me just because of that much trolling."
Eden said: "If someone's saying things like 'I hope you have a miscarriage,' and wishing death on an unborn baby, I just can't believe what the world's come to."
The couple also pulled together when Cyrell was subjected to a racist attack at a cafe in June.
While their pregnancy wasn't planned the couple said at the time that it had come as a happy surprise and they've happily shared updates about how the pregnancy is going - with Cyrell developing cravings for sweet treats and now being able to feel the baby kicking.
Two other couples in their extended families are also pregnant - Cyrell's sister is due a week ahead of Cyrell, and Eden's sister a week after - and the couple had seemed to be enjoying sharing in this exclusive family group.
Now it seems they won't even be sharing their pregnancy journey with each other.