Married at First Sight

Which former Married At First Sight groom did Vanessa date and why has he slammed her?

And Vanessa was meant to appear on last season's show with him, he has revealed.

If there's one thing we've learned from all of the hours of reality TV we've watched, it's that the term 'six degrees of separation' doesn't even begin to cut it when it comes to the many connections shared between reality TV stars.
Former Married At First Sight Australia bride Cyrell Paule has just had a baby with Love Island's Eden Dally... Former MAFS bride Jessika Power found love after the 2019 series with grooms from previous seasons, Telv Williams and Nick Furphy.
This week we learned that in the current season of MAFS, Tash's girlfriend outside the experiment, Madison Hewitt, was considered by the experts as a potential match for her on the show.
And now there's even more...
Bride Vanessa Romito, who is married to Chris Nicholls on the show, used to be the girlfriend of 2019 MAFS groom, Bronson Norrish.
Are you keeping up?
Bronson was famously matched with Ines Basic, who cheated on him with groom, Sam Ball.
Their TV marriage came to a spectacular end when Bronson called her a name that begins with 'c' at a dramatic commitment ceremony.
And Bronson has now come out saying that his real-life romance with Vanessa didn't end so well either.
Taking to Instagram, Bronson shared a meme featuring a photo of himself at a MAFS commitment ceremony.
The caption reads: "Psst Chris…" and instead of a piece of paper reading "stay" or "leave", the words read "run".

Speaking to Now To Love Australia, Bronson revealed that he shared the post after seeing Vanessa bad mouth Chris in a leaked video.
"She made up lies in a YouTube video about me to get the limelight. Now seeing her do it to Chris, it hit home," Bronson claimed.
Bronson said Vanessa made it close to being on the show the same year he took part.
"She was supposed to be on last season. Wedding guests picked and everything. She helped me to apply, I got cast, she was cut," Bronson said.
"She even helped me pick my wedding suit… then did an article saying I dumped her to go on the show."
Bronson added that this had been Vanessa's fifth time applying for MAFS.
"She begged me to apply again this season so she would have a better chance to get on because of the drama," he claimed.
"I hope she is doing it for the right reasons. She did dump her boyfriend to go on MAFS so who bloody knows her reasons she's on there."
Last year's viewers were shocked to learn that Bronson has endured more than most in the form of family tragedies. In 2003 his brother Sasha was murdered then just a year later, Bronson's mother Sancha died unexpectedly after an operation went wrong.
Three years later, Bronson received the tragic news that his eldest brother Brodie had died in mysterious circumstances.
Bronson and his MAFS bride Ines Basic.
Naturally, Bronson struggled with his losses and took time to work though his overwhelming grief.
"Don't get me wrong, when my first brother died, I hit the bottle," Bronson, told TV WEEK. "And when Mum died, I went off the rails pretty hard. I disappeared for about a year and buried myself out in the bush, working on a cattle farm.
"But after two years, I pulled my head out of it and remembered Mum had wanted me to either be a singer or a stripper. So on Mother's Day, two years after she died, I went to a strip club, applied for a job and got it."
Bronson said his new career not only gave him a sense of purpose, but helped him deal with his grief.
"Stripping has helped me out – it's given me purpose," he said.
Nobody has ever been charged with Sasha's murder. But despite this injustice, Bronson has remained positive.
"You can't hold a grudge," he says. "If you surround yourself with sorrow and anger, it will eat away at you."
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