Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight's Jess vows to wait for Dan as he faces jail time for fraud

Dan’s past is catching up to him, but Jess is standing by her man.

They've faced some pretty big obstacles in their short, mainly clandestine TV relationship, but the forbidden love between Married At First Sight Australia's Jess and Dan is about to be tested like never before.
As she soaks up the sun in Queensland outside of the experiment, things appear to be going swimmingly for bombshell Jessika Power after packing up her life in Perth to join her new love Dan Webb on the Sunshine Coast.
But it seems the bikini babe, 27, and the former league star, 35, may soon be separated, with Dan possibly facing jail time if found guilty of an alleged fraud.
"There's every chance he's going behind bars soon," a family friend of Dan's claims. "The word is he might go inside for around six months and that's really going to put pressure on his new relationship with Jess."
Jess and Dan had a nervous wait to find out from the experts if they were allowed to re-enter the experiment as a couple.
However, after going behind TV husband Mick Gould's back to steal Dan from his wife Tamara Joy, we're told Jessika is willing to stand by her man.
"Jess should be right – she's used to being around people who are a bit rough around the edges," says a close source, pointing out her history with bikers and other heavily tattooed bad boys. "But if I were Dan, I'd be wondering if she would want all of this new drama in her life."
Dan was originally paired with Tamara Joy and Jess with Mick Gould.
A former telemarketer, Dan was charged three years ago for his alleged part in a $20 million scam. He's one of seven people accused of taking money from 600 innocent Queenslanders after tricking them into becoming directors of 12 fake companies, and asking them to pay up to $200 to road-test betting and investment software.
It's thought father-of-one Dan is currently on bail and has to report to authorities on a weekly basis. His next court date is scheduled for May 3.
"Dan is really worked up and at breaking point at the moment," reports the family friend, adding there is extra pressure now that Jess has moved to Queensland. "There's a lot of love there and they're trying to find their feet, but they argue a lot, especially after watching MAFS together.
"Add this to the fraud charge, a huge amount of public attention and the very real chance he won't get to be with his young son if he goes inside, and Dan is really at a low point."

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