Here comes the bride & groom, again! Every contestant returning for the Married At First Sight reunion

They're back - and there's more drama than all their seasons combined!

It's car-crash TV, but the long-awaited Married At First Sight Australia reunion is set to be the most compelling drama on the box this year. With producers plonking the partner-swapping castmates of season five next to the potty-mouthed contestants of series six, fireworks were guaranteed... and they delivered! Woman's Day has learned that viewers can expect plenty of action over two episodes as Cyrell, Nasser, Ines and Jessika finally get to air their simmering tensions and deep dislikes of each other.
We're told "Cyclone Cyrell" is A-grade viewing, with the fiery brunette and new mum – to son Boston with Love Island Australia's Eden Dally, 28 – milking her unexpected return to the limelight by confronting every contestant she doesn't like. In the firing line? Jess, Martha, Ines and Nasser.
Who showed up for the reunion action?
Some of the series' most memorable contestants scored and invited to the dinner-to-end-all-dinners. Here's who made the grade..
Married at First Sight Australia: The Grand Reunion screens Sunday, February 14 at 7pm on Three