Married at First Sight

From this year’s cheating scandal to a former MAFS star housemate: Everything we know about Married At First Sight’s Cameron Dunne

So much intrigue and scandal already!

By Maddison Hockey
Married At First Sight's Cameron Dunne and Samantha Harvey seemed to be a perfect match on paper, and even on their wedding night.
But, their TV romance crumbled as quickly as it came together thanks to the truth box.
Having hit things off spectacularly on the day of their nuptials Cameron and Sam headed off to their honeymoon relatively love up, even becoming intimate.
Things were going well for CAm and Sam
Their honeymoon phase came to a crashing halt, however, when Cameron admitted Sam wasn't his type.
The hardworking mum couldn't understand how her new groom could have slept with her while admitting he had no "emotional connection".
It's all been downhill since and has even led fans to believe Cam is the mystery groom at the heart of this year's first cheating scandal – supported by photographic evidence, of course.
Cameron could be in hot water here
In a short trailer teasing the upcoming scandal, we see a groom tenderly place his hand on the leg of another bride as she says: "There's definitely that spark, and I wish the experts had matched us."
The arm of the groom is sporting a very identifiable tribal tattoo that matches that of Cameron's.
Whether the groom involved is, in fact, Cameron is yet to be confirmed, fans will have to wait and see.

The Victorian crane driver has also made headlines with former MAFS star, Jessika Power.
Speaking to New Idea ahead of the new season premiere, the 32-year-old revealed that he and the fiery bride have moved in together!
"Jess is actually my housemate – we currently live together on the Gold Coast," he explained."When I needed a place to stay, it just came up that she was able to take me in. I'm quite close to her brother, Rhyce, so it kind of just happened from there."
And, you can bet he's been leaning on her for support during filming.
"It's been really nice living with her because she and Rhyce have been through the whole process of MAFS before – they've got first-hand experience that not too many people do."
Cameron has also been linked to headline-grabbing ex of rugby league star Josh Reynolds, Arabella Del Busso.
"I've known him for 10-plus years," Arabella told Woman's Day.
"He's such a lovely person and down-to-earth."
When asked if there was any romantic history there, the SAS Australia star, 31, tellingly replied, "I can't kiss and tell..."