Married at First Sight

Meet the eccentric 2024 MAFS Australia bride, Lucinda Light

Get to know the free spirited 43-year-old wedding celebrant

Lucinda has quickly become one of the most favoured brides on Married At First Sight Australia 2024.
Unlike the other MAFS brides and grooms in the eleventh season, Lucinda Light is like nothing we've seen before. But aside from her quirky personality and spirituality, what do we really know about the bride? First off, her name is not Lucinda Light.
Lucinda Light is a business name.

Who is Lucinda?

The 43-year-old wedding celebrant is a "free spirit" from Byron Bay, looking for an open-minded man who is willing to be vulnerable, adventurous and can have a good time.
On MAFS, she introduced herself as Lucinda Light – however, this is a stage and business name she started going by five years ago after registering on the Australian Business Register in August 2019, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.
Her government name is Lucinda Reilly.

Who is Lucinda matched with on MAFS?

Lucinda has been matched with Timothy, a 51-year-old down-to-earth business owner from Melbourne. While he hopes to be vulnerable with his partner, Timothy was dubbed 'the tin man' by his friends.
Given their differences, fans naturally began to question whether the relationship experts missed the mark on Lucinda and Tim. However, towards the end of the wedding ceremony, the pair opened up to each other.
Lucinda has been matched with Timothy.

Why is Lucinda on MAFS?

Viewers have grown curious on whether Lucinda signed up to MAFS 2024 for the right reasons. Particularly when a source reportedly informed Yahoo Lifestyle: "Lucinda is as quirky and positive as she comes across and great talent, but there were some whispers amongst the cast about her intentions [for doing MAFS] as she was there under a stage name rather than her real name."
In 2022, she took to LinkedIn to ask how to boost her career after three years as a celebrant.
"I am looking for incredible roles as an MC or TV presenter and would appreciate your support," she wrote.