Woman's Day Bonds X-Temp hottest media hunk has been crowned

He's so hot right now!

The 10 finalists have laid it all on the studio floor, campaigning hard for the title of the New Zealand's Hottest Media Hunk 2019, but this year it is a success story for the underdog.
None campaigned quite so hard as Adam Green from The Hits Hawke's Bay. The dreamboat from The Bay didn't just take to the mic and social media to garner support, he oiled up, stripped down to his Bonds X-Temp undies and took his campaign to the streets – even hustling for votes outside local supermarkets. It worked!
New Zealand, meet your Woman's Day Bonds X-Temp Hottest Media Hunk 2019. He's a salt-of-the-earth Kiwi bloke with a smile that penetrates the airwaves. Adam can be found behind the mic on The Hits Hawkes Bay from 6am-9am weekdays with his co-host Megan Banks, who has supported him all the way as campaign manager.
Handsome father-of-three Adam is proud to be in the line-up of trophy-winners which includes Roger Farrelly from The Rock's Morning Rumble and Gary McCormick from The Breakfast Club on More FM.
The 38-year-old sweetheart hopes that he can use his newfound power and sex appeal for good, "I'm going to use this platform to showcase my beautiful region. I'm unsure if there will be any significant increase in tourist numbers, but one can hope!
"I was a bit of an underdog up against some big hitters of the media world, but it's rewarding to know people are willing to help out a lad from the regions. I'm overwhelmed."
The 2019 search for the Hottest Media Hunk saw some of the fiercest competition yet. Our top 10 from all over the nation fought for the crown, with newspaper columns, music videos, diss tracks, social media campaigns and sexy photoshoots.
Also noteworthy was the fierce competition brought by Clint Randell from The Edge, who was up against his co-host Dominic Harvey in the top 10 finalists this year.
While he didn't quite take out the Hottest Media Hunk title, he has been named the Bonds X-Temp Rising Star! Randell will be the new Bonds X-Temp ambassador and has won $1000 to donate to his chosen charity, Heart Kids NZ.
Congratulations to our Rising Star Clint Randall.
But it was Adam who showed New Zealand that nothing beats the underdog spirit and that powerful things can happen when a community of loyal supporters band together to back their man.
Editor-in-Chief Sido Kitchin says, "It was the third year Adam fought for the coveted title, and this time he gave it everything he had and came out on top. Despite hard-fought attempts by some seriously desperate and incredibly hot blokes, Adam showed that it's better to play the long game.
"I'm not sure what it was that got the ladies over the line. It could have been his shirtless serenade, his sultry dance moves or his buff body … but most likely it was his mum's impressive rallying for votes.
"Regardless, we're proud to see someone from the regions take out the Hottest Media Hunk mantle for the first time. Congratulations, Adam!"

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