Robbie Williams makes a birthday wish in Auckland

But what did the pop superstar wish for?

Robbie Williams has landed in Auckland for his Valentine's Day concert at Auckland's Spark Arena tomorrow night. And the cheeky pop superstar was as irreverent as ever.
Addressing waiting media, he was presented with a birthday cake, and before the press conference could start, Robbie was instructed to blow out the candles on his cake.
The former Take That singer turned 44 today.
Standing over the chocolate cake adorned with three candles, he pressed his hands together in a mock prayer, closed his eyes, very theatrically paused while he made his wish, and then blew out the candles. He then made a show of checking his pants. Watch the video above to draw your own conclusion about what he might have wished for!
He shook his head and giggled, remarking that "it's not worked."
Robbie Williams makes his birthday wish.
When asked how he was spending his birthday, he responded "boringly." The former hell raiser and his band members had a FIFA soccer tournament organised, so would be holed up in the hotel gaming.
"Oh it's on fire," he quipped. "That's showbiz."
Williams will perform in Auckland tomorrow before heading to Dunedin for his first ever concert in the southern city.
"That is the furthest south I have ever played," he remarked. "I haven't been down there before. It will be an honour to play in a place I haven't played before."
"I love New Zealand. Back in the day, New Zealand was my biggest territory per head of something. I always remember that stat, OK, you are really famous in England but you are massive in New Zealand. If you love me, I love you, so here I am. Thank you for having me back."
Thanks for coming back, Robbie!

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