New Zealand's 2017 Netflix viewing habits revealed

If anyone knows the Kiwi viewer who watched a certain Adam Sandler film over 300 times, please check if they are OK.

Worldwide, the average Netflix member watched 60 movies on Netflix in 2017. Collectively, they racked up than more than 140 million viewing hours. Per. Day. Yep.
Other than someone in New Zealand watching one movie over 300 times and Good Friday being a particularly Netflix-friendly day for Kiwis, their stats for the year revealed are some pretty bizarre viewing habits.
We put all New Zealand's Netflix secrets into a video, so you can increase your viewing time for 2017 by one more minute.
Edit: It turns out that whoever watched Grown Ups 331 times may have done so on the advice of a Kiwi podcast duo. Bad advice? Yeah, probably. But they know, and they are pretty honest about it - the podcast is called The Worst Idea Of All Time. To whoever followed their terrible advice: What were you thinking?

Devoured shows - shows that people spent more than 2 hours a day watching

Savoured shows - shows that people spent less than 2 hours a day watching

Cheatworthy shows – shows that people watched ahead, and therefore ‘cheated’ on their significant others.

Watched together – shows that brought people together to bond over