How KJ Apa is Kiwi-ing up the Riverdale set

Shot in Vancouver, set in America, terrorised by KJ.

On screen, KJ Apa doesn't seem like much of a Kiwi. Gone are the days of playing rugby on Shortland Street - now it is red hair and an American accent on Netflix's Vancouver-shot Riverdale as Archie Andrews (yep - Archie of the Archie Comics).
But behind the scenes is a different story entirely.
His Instagram is a window into how things really are on the Riverdale set as the Auckland-born 20-year-old terrorises his co-stars, hair stylists, make up artists and anyone else he can sneak up behind and jump out at. Sounds like days on set are pretty long though. We reckon he is doing them a favour keeping things interesting.
Watch the video above to see our favourite KJ shenanigans.
Or, scroll down to see our picks of his bizarre Instagram pics - and maybe get in contact if you can figure out what the heck he is up to?