Is Toni Street a Jedi Knight?

This could be a new hope for New Zealand television.

By all accounts, Toni Street is an ordinary woman. Lovely, talented and surprisingly gifted in sports, but ordinary, with no superpowers.
Until last night, at the 2017 New Zealand Television Awards, Toni slipped up.
Like Queen Elsa accidentally letting her superpowers show in the movie Frozen, Toni forgot herself and casually levitated her clutch across the red carpet; revealing that she is, as some have suspected for a while now, a Jedi Knight.
As the above (unedited) photo shows, Toni effortlessly used what has been referred to as "the force" to glide her purse toward her. Her The Hits co-host Sam Wallace's disbelief says it all. His astonishment is shared by the rest of New Zealand.
An enhanced photo showing the reactions from Toni's The Hits co-hosts Sam Wallace and Sarah Gandy.
Now that we have seen a clue, it seems obvious that the television presenter, sports commentator mother of two must have had powers all along to pull off everything she does while also maintaining a glowing appearance.
In the photograph, Sarah Gandy seems unphased. Has she known all along? Is she Toni's padawan (Jedi apprentice)?
We eagerly await Toni's statement. And we have a good feeling about this.