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Woman’s Day On The Go: Fashion TV Launch

Auckland's party people stepped out for the launch of Fashion TV last night
Amber Peebles

Party guests were treated to the tunes of KINGS and Jupiter Project last night at Auckland bar Rehab, as the festivities kicked off for the launch of Fashion TV.

Guests included Real Housewives Gilda Kirkpatrick and Michelle Blanchard, as well as Amber Peebles and Woman’s Day’s own A-List Insider Dom Bowden.

See more photos from the night in our gallery

All photos by Carmen Bird

Amber Peebles, Brook Howard-Smith.

Tiana Grace of Fashion TV.

Dean Buchanan and Tiana Grace.

Ian and Leanne Crawford.

Vanessa Taylor, Craig Williams.

Karyn Arkell, Tony Andrew.

Liz and Neville Findlay of Zambesi.

Mark Johnston, Nicky De Lautaur.

Julia Wehi, Tiana Grace, Tasha Tekoronga.

Joanna Hunkin, Dean Buchanan.

Gilda Kirkpatrick and Michelle Blanchard.

Tata Armstrong, Holly Lindsay.

Grayson Coutts, Amber Peebles.

Pieter Stewart, Myken Stewart.

Evelina Gailer, Turet Knueferman and Karin Horan.

Tiana Grace, Karin Horen.

Lauren McClung, Mike McClung.

Belinda Nash, Holly Lindsay.

Bernice Mene, Dion Nash.

Alex Blanco, Mino Chin of Four Eyes.

Mihi Blake, Kylie Cooke.

Belinda Nash, Natalie Chan.

Natalie Chan, Boh Runga, Richard Stott, Yvette Hopkins.

Sam Saxton-Beer, Amin Afzaly.

Sam Saxton-Beer, Holly Lindsay.

Grayson Coutts, Tara Armstrong.

Boh Runga, Richard Stott, Kylie Cooke.

Gavin and Marty of Jupiter Project.

Marty Rich, Amelia Finlayson, Kharl WiRepa.

Karyn Arkell, Bernice Mene.

Glida Kirpatrick, Kharl WiRepa.


Claire Mason, Ainslie MacAndrew.

Brian Holland, Belinda Nash, Ryan Lightfoot.

Amin Fzaly, Sam Saxton-Beer, Dion Nash.

Amber Peebles, Brook Howard-Smith.

Mihi Blake, Terry Anderson, Lyn Anderson.

Michelle Blanchard, Gilda Kirkpatrick, Myken Stewart

Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Tiana Grace.

Gilda Kirpatrick, Tiana Grace, Michelle Blanchard.

Ryan Lightfoot, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Angelique Fris-Taylor, Dom Bowden.

Huia Ngapo, Brooke Howard-Smith, Amber Peebles, Tony Andrew.

Liz Findlay, Tiana Grace.

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