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Woman’s Day On The Go: Bridget Jones’s Baby Advance Screening

Check out who we spotted out at the special Woman's Day advance screening of Bridget Jones's Baby
Dominic Bowden, Kate Cameron

Woman’s Day guests enjoyed a special advance screening of the hotly anticipated new Paramount Pictures film Bridget Jones’s Baby at Event Cinemas in Newmarket, Auckland, last night.

With A-List Insider Dominic Bowden hosting the event, the crowd enjoyed drinks and nibbles before the movie and displayed their loyalty to Team Darcy (Colin Firth) or Team Jack (Patrick Dempsey) with personalised stickers.

Bridget Jones’s Baby officially premieres in New Zealand on September 22.

See more photos from the screening here

All photos by Carmen Bird

Kathryn Crookenden, Sarah Patten.

Sam Ray, Sandi Coppins.

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Bridget Jones’s Baby Official Trailer 2

Phoebe Turner, James Powell, Laura Campbell.

Shannon Lightbody, Ayla Bligh.

Marga and Bernard Leonard.

Klaudia Lewis, Evi Lewis.

Angelique Fris-Taylor, Nicki Watkins.

Julie Scrafton, Natalie Cramond.

Anne Gill, Gaileen Douglas.

Anita Imlach, Elen Morgan.

Samuel Fullickm Bex Dewhursd, Megan Annear, Hannah Kinsman.

Johanne Kendall, Florence Hine.

Sunny Humphries, Kelly Gillibanks, Kate Cameron.

Nada Katedzic, Bella Hepburn, Suzanne Liddington.

Susan Corboy, Maree McCready.

Kahli Museyk, Katie Wilson.

Nadia Narot, Louise Clark.

Linda Dixon, Sophie Dixon.

Casey Murray, Kelly Gillbanks.

Trudi Bennett, Clive Bennett.

Megan Hutchinson, Judy Dynes.

Mandy Marshall, Miki Piper, Christina Piper, Nix Piper.

Amy, Michelle, Taylor, and Yanka Kimpton.

Lucy Granger, Brittany Lee.

Rob and Samantha Dickey.

Ruwani Perera, Victoria Hawkins, Manoja Kalupahana, Michelle Daley.

Harry Pali, Laura Campbell.

Irene Eades, Sarah Eades.

Adam Butler, Debbie Butler, Ali Jones.

Natasha D’souiza, Aimee Dykstra, Eleisha Balmer, Marisssa Kirkham.

Janine Briggs, Erina Kent.

Mary Gill, Kate Gill.

Emma Wilkinson, Isabel Truman.

Dee King, Chelsea King.

Ashley Tahapehi, Anna Holley, Holly Collin, Hilary Barret.

Sophie Wright, Rebeccca Dieudonne.

Debbie Hayson, Nicole Hayson.

Mila Stephenson, Celia Whitley.

Kate Cameron, Kate Feek.

Dominic Bowden, Kate Cameron.

Dominic Bowden, Kate Cameron.

Claudine Pearson, Allan Pearson.

Irene Eades, Dominic Bowden.

Kate Cameron and Claudine Pearson.

Dominic Bowden.

Lisa Newall, Shelley Masutti, Dom, Sabrina Sherwood, Sally Galea.

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