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Watch what happens when Jamie Oliver's phone gets hacked

Jamie was held hostage by UK comedian Michael McIntyre.

Jamie Oliver is well-known for his healthy eating campaign, fighting against sugar and childhood obesity.
So when his famous friends got a text asking them to deliver a massive fast food order to his house, there was a bit of confusion.
Of course, it was all a gag, done by UK comedian Michael McIntyre as part of his live show.
McIntyre hijacked the celebrity chef's phone - as he's done to numerous well-known guests - and sent a text about his junk food order to all of Jamie's contacts, disguised as a message to his wife, Jools.
"Jools babe! Kids all fed but I'm starving," he wrote. "Can you pick me up 12 nuggets, a cheeseburger, a choc milkshake and that flurry think I love."
McIntyre quickly sent another group text saying: "Oops! Sorry! That text wasn't meant for you! I need you to PROMISE me that you won't tell anybody about it. Le me know! I'm panicking!"
The replies from Oliver's star-studded contacts list were, understandably, hilarious.
"Have you lost your mind," his American PR agent wrote.
"Ha ha ha. Can she pick me up one of those flurry things too," Hollywood star Orlando Bloom wrote back.
Watch the full video to see Jools' brilliant reaction...*