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Watch: Tom Hiddleston sings on stage at music festival

The British thesp wows the crowd at the Wheatland Music Festival in Michigan, USA.

As if his acting skills weren't enough already, Tom proves he's got a great set of pipes too!
The Thor actor launched into an impromptu rendition of Hank Williams' 1947 song 'Move It On Over', accompanied by a few other musicians and the cheers of an adoring crowd.
Tom's a deft hand with the guitar as well, as video captured at the festival shows him confidently strumming along to the song.
If you're wondering why the star is polishing off his singing skills, never fear - Tom's not retiring from the acting world just yet. More likely, it's all part of Tom's preparation for the upcoming movie I Saw the Light, in which he'll play Hank Williams himself.
The biopic is due to start filming in Louisiana next month. Check out Tom's surprise performance below:

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