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Watch Rachel Hunter’s psychic reading from the Kardashian’s favourite clairvoyant

Watch Rachel Hunter visit the Kardashian’s psychic

By Sinead Corcoran
In a new episode of Hollywood Medium, Rachel Hunter talks hauntings with the Kardashians' favourite clairvoyant Tyler Henry.
The TV series follows psychic-to-the-stars Tyler as he visits the homes of Hollywood celebrities and gives them psychic readings.
The 20-year-old’s clientele includes Amber Rose, Jersey Shore’s Snooki and the Kardashians.
During a deleted scene from an upcoming episode, Tyler visits Rachel in her Los Angeles home where he claims to “sense a presence”.
“There is some susceptibility to activity in this house, but it's in the other room," he tells Rachel.
Tyler predicts that the presence is a male figure, who wishes to discuss home renovations.
The spirit allegedly tells Tyler that Rachel has recently made some changes to the haunted area, including removing a wall.
No stranger to the supernatural, Rachel reports that she has had previous encounters with paranormal activity.
"I've had to deal with this before, in quite an unfriendly situation. This one just wants to hang out, really," she says.
"I can understand if people are afraid, but don't they live everywhere?"
The model turned TV star goes on to admit that she is however considering moving house.

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