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Watch: Girl with autism interviews her ultimate crush Channing Tatum

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible to love him any more.

We’ve always had a soft spot for Channing Tatum. Despite being unbelievably attractive, and partial to taking his shirt off, there’s also a humbleness about him that just screams good guy.
And now he’s gone and melted hearts all over again, by appearing in an interview with Carly Fleischmann - a YouTube star who also has non verbal autism.
The 21-year-old, who communicates through typing rather than speaking, has her own YouTube show Speechless with Carly Fleischmann, and a large online following.
In this latest episode of her show, Carly meets her ultimate crush – Channing – and grills him on the issues important to her.
After offering to replace his wife, Carly asks Channing if there’s anything Mrs Tatum (Jenna Dewan) does that he simply can’t get on board with.
Channing Tatum couldn't hide his affection for his interviewer
Rising to the challenge, Channing tells her: “There’s these things that she buys at the aura shop…I have no idea, I can’t get into that one.”
The 36-year-old actor also admits some of the dalliances of his youth, telling his interviewer:
“I lived in a suburban neighbourhood…so we would just sneak out at night and go run around the woods…we’d vandalise houses and stuff. Now looking back I feel so bad.”
The Magic Mike star, who was a stripper before making it big, says his ultimate acting partners would be Morgan Freeman or Jack Nicholson, because “each one of them has such a unique quality.”
Before wrapping up her interview, Carly tells Channing that sitting next to him was “One of the hardest and scariest moments of my life.”
Regardless, we think she did an amazing job interviewing her hero.