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Watch Emma Bunton hilariously prank airport travellers

The former Baby Spice has gone undercover for a good cause

Emma Bunton - the former Spice Girl famed for her pig-tails and lollipops - recently teamed up with British Airways to prank some unsuspecting airline passengers as part of Red Nose Day 2017.
Disguised as a member of the the airline’s team, the 41-year-old approaches various customers under the guise of a check-in associate.
The best bit? The “Spice Up Your Life” hitmaker makes a stellar effort to pepper her speech with Spice Girls lyrics.
WATCH: Emma Bunton pranks unsuspecting travellers. Post continues…
While assisting one customer, Emma takes the opportunity to ask if she would be travelling with a Spice Girls CD in her carry-on - and even asks who out of the four music icons was her favourite Spice Girl.
After answering “the sporty one,” Emma continues to ply the clueless customer for information, asking who was her second favourite of the much-loved girlband.
“Ummm…the blonde one,” the traveller responds.
“Oh, the blonde one…‘Baby,’ she was my favourite. She had the moves I thought,” Emma answers.
The Spice Girls took the music world by storm in 1994.
After engaging in an impromptu ballroom dance with a male passenger, another (beyond awkward) encounter sees the one-time actress slip the lyrics of "Wannabe" effortlessly into conversation.
Forewarning the customer that she’s in a bit of “bad mood” after having fought with a friend, she explains, "I said, if you want my future, you gotta forget my past, and if you want to get with me, better make it fast."
Despite all this... not a single passenger manages to identify the pop star!
The iconic group featured Victoria Beckham ("Posh Spice"), Melanie Chisholm ("Sporty Spice"), Melanie Brown ("Scary Spice"), Geri Halliwell ("Ginger Spice"), and Emma Bunton ("Baby Spice").
The prank has left us reeling for a Spice Girls reunion and according to the former pop star nothing is off the table.
While speaking with the hosts of UK's This Morning back in August 2016, the mum-of-two touched on the possibility of a girl-power reunion.
"There's nothing set in stone," she told the British breakfast show. "I personally think we should do something. It would be lovely (but) I think we need a Posh."
“For a long time she [Victoria] has wished us the best," Emma admitted.
“I was talking to her at David’s birthday party and he said ‘You’ve got to do something.'"
Adding, “Maybe she will change her mind, she does that, who knows.”
We have our fingers crossed!
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