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Uma Thurman won’t be required to answer questions about her drinking habits in bitter custody battle

Her ex-fiance has accused the star of being “mentally ill and mixing drugs”.

The custody battle between Uma Thurman and her ex-fiancé Arpad Busson over their daughter Luna has reached bitter heights since it resumed last Friday.
An initial deal was struck between the pair in 2014, but New York-based Busson is objecting to Uma's request to take her daughter to Europe while she works on a movie.
Busson accussed Thurman of being “mentally ill and mixing drugs” last week, but the court has now heard she’s been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and a mild learning disability, nothing more.
Thurman's attorney, Adam John Wolff, blasted Busson's lawyer, Peter Bronstein, for questioning Uma about her drinking and prescription medication on the stand after Busson himself reportedly failed to fill out the portion of a questionnaire with medical history and drug and alcohol use.
The judge agreed, noting her drinking had never came up in the two and half years the case had been going for and Bronstein was forced to stop this particular line of questioning.
It’s also been claimed Busson doesn’t spend all of his time with his daughter when she is in his care. Luna was sent to the Bahamas to be with her father, who then left the island to see a Rolling Stones concert in Cuba with his son.
Luna was also reportedly flown to London, where Busson is based, to be with him before he left her with his ex-girlfriend Elle MacPherson to go to a football match.

Dr Weiss, a psychologist assigned to the case testified the pair had too toxic a relationship to be allowed in the same room with their daughter present:
"At this point I don't think that these people should be in the same room together with Luna until they have a little more ability to kind of comfortable with each other," the doctor testified.
Despite Busson requesting ten days a month with Luna, plus extended vacations, Dr. Weiss stated that while he was a good father, he should not be allowed to spend more than seven days with his daughter.