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Toni Street tells: 'I've got my spark back'

The busy TV mum reveals how she got her groove back

Media darling Toni Street has got her groove back – and it shows!
Less than twelve months after being diagnosed with the life-threatening auto-immune disease Churg-Strauss syndrome, the Seven Sharp host finally has a fit bill of health – and Toni couldn’t be happier.
“This time last year, I was so sick, swollen and full of steroids that sometimes I felt like I was going insane,” reveals the 33-year-old. “But how different things are now – I feel so good. I feel like I’ve totally got my spark back.”
While she still has regular blood tests and trips to the specialists, gone are the days of mood swings, nausea and reeling steroid treatments for Toni, whose new show Spellbound also airs on TVNZ 1 this week.
Now the mum-of-two fills her time with the people who really matter – her husband Matt and their daughters Juliette, who turns four next week, and Mackenzie, 18 months.
Indeed, Toni’s favourite pastime is simply when she’s at home with the girls watching them interact.
The beloved broadcaster is healthy and happy at last.
“Most of the time, I’m just cracking up – they are so funny together.”
But if you think a debilitating health crisis might mean Toni would take a break from life in the fast lane, you’d be very wrong. As well as juggling her various TV roles and raising her wee girls, the effervescent blonde also takes part in a boot camp fitness class twice a week and loves to heading to the beach for a run – much to the worry of her hubby Matt.
“He is so caring – he’s constantly watching how much stress I’m under, whether it’s work or with the kid. He gives me big talkings-to all the time.”
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