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The X Factor Blog: Week 6

A Selection of Results from the Really Scientific NZWW Office Poll:

There are few things that stir up debate in the Weekly office like The X Factor New Zealand.Sure, there’s a pretty even divide between Team Ange and Team Jen that can cause spirited “discussions” (I’m Team Ange all the way), arguments about whether the guy who plays Doctor Who is hot or not (the overwhelming response is no) and if it’s ever okay to wear double denim (still up in the air – check back with us in a few weeks).

But on Tuesday mornings, when we’re all gathered around and are supposed to be talking about the upcoming issue, we have to get through an in-depth and often contentious dissection of the previous two nights’ episodes. Spearheaded by our editor Louise, who is quite possibly The X Factor’s biggest fan, we try and come to a consensus about who was the best and the worst. In a quick-but-still-scientific office poll (that was by no means done by me racing around with a note pad while everyone was hard at work on deadline, opinion is divided about who will win – and people are pretty passionate about their choices.

“Tom. Hands down,” our chief sub-editor says. “He’s got the best voice by far.”

“But what about his chest hair?” interjects one of the writers. “And those pants?!”

“I don’t really watch him for the pants,” chief sub retorted. “But I think they’re cool.”

Three of us are on Team Benny. “He’s hot as hell,” was one comment. “And you can never underestimate the power of teenage girls. They’re scary.”

Louise is pretty adamant it will either be Benny or Jackie taking the title, while our deputy editor Catherine is backing Gap 5.

“They’re tight, have lots of talent, and they’re different,” she says. “And they’re a bit 80s. I like the 80s.”

Pretty much everyone’s got a different opinion, but one thing that everyone agreed on this morning was that it was time for L.O.V.E. to depart the stage after the “Best of British” week.

What none of us expected however was to see Moorhouse in the bottom two – and to be fair, we didn’t think there would be this much drama on the show either. Judge Melanie Blatt had it tough last night when she had to choose between her two groups. Naturally, she was asked who she was sending home first. But she refused to name a group, and despite urging from Dom (who no doubt had a gaggle of producers screaming in his ear), wouldn’t budge , forcing the other three judges to make the choice for her.

There were many on social media who criticised Mel for this. After all, she’s paid by TV3 to judge, and she didn’t. But when you’ve emotionally invested so much in what’s become like a second family, it’s understandable that she couldn’t bring herself to send someone home and there’s no doubt she felt it was like choosing between her children.

Next week there will be a surprise double elimination, meaning there’s no doubt that the drama will continue.

A Selection of Results from the Really Scientific NZWW Office Poll:

Who will win The X Factor?

Deputy editor: Gap5

Chief sub editor: Tom

Sub editor: Jackie. “She’s got the complete package, you know, stage presence and all that stuff.”

Writer: “Benny. Hands down. And I also think that there’ll be a rebellion if Fletcher gets too much further.”

Designer: “Ditto.”

Designer: “Moorhouse. They’re the most amazing, I guess.”

Online editor: Cassie. “Because she’s got the X Factor. Duh.”

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