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The internet is going crazy over Liam and Chris Hemsworth's dad

We think you'll know why...

We are all well aware of the beauty that is the Hemsworth brothers, but, it had to come from somewhere.
Liam and Chris's dad, Craig Hemsworth, is turning the internet into a frenzy with a recent photo shared to Instagram by Liam.
The photo, which features Liam, his mother Leonie and his dad Craig on a hike in Hollywood, also features Craig's very prominent muscles.
Yes, fans were very quick to pick up on how "ripped" the Hemsworth brothers' dad is.

"Why wasn't your dad cast as Thor. No offence @chrishemsworth, but your dad is #jacked," said one user. While another wrote: "Is that your dad? OMG he's ripped!"
"Now we know where the Hemsworth brothers get their looks from!! Your parents look awesome!!" said another.
Turns out the Hemsworth brothers are actually a spitting image of their dad when he was younger. Check out these photos!

All we can say is, the Hemsworth genes are strong.