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The hunt for the new Cheryl West is on!

It’s time to breakout the bleach and your best leopard print, girls!

With the finale of season two of Westside screening tonight, the show’s creators say they’re now looking to introduce viewers to feisty new Cheryl West in the show’s third season.
Westside is a spin-off show, based on the hugely successful Outrageous Fortune. The prequel, set two decades earlier, is based on the lives of characters Ted and Rita West, their mates, and their loose associations with various criminal types along the way.
With filming of the new season set to start in October, series creator and writer James Griffin told Spy bringing in Cheryl’s character was a natural progression to the storyline.
“The thing with Westside is there are certain timelines and storylines that are predetermined thanks to Outrageous Fortune.
“The story of young Wolf meeting young Cheryl is one of these things,” he told Spy.
Siobhan Marshall, Anna Hutchison and Kimberley Crossman could all potentially play the role.
The role of the formidable matriarch, played to perfection by Robyn Malcolm, has set a pretty high bench mark for those who aspire to walk in the character’s open-toed stiletto heels.
While no one has been confirmed for the role as yet, Spy has hinted at some possible contenders. Actress Siobhan Marshall, who played Cheryl’s daughter, Pascalle, in the original series, and Kimberley Crossman.
Currently based in the US, Kimberley told Spy, “It would be very funny to play her”.
Former Go Girls actress, Anna Hutchison, who is also based in the US right now, is also being considered for the role.
“I’m intrigued to see her early relationship with Wolf,” Anna told Spy, “how she handled being a young mum, how she became so street-smart and strong and seethe moment she reached for her first piece of leopard and leather”.
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