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The Bachelor NZ’s Naz Khanjani opens up about plastic surgery

The bachelorette gets candid about undergoing breast enhancement surgery

She’s proven to be one of the most polarising contestants on The Bachelor NZ this year thanks to her outspoken ways, and now bachelorette Naz Khanjani is setting the record straight about something very personal.
The 25-year-old has opened up about undergoing breast augmentation, taking the petite brunette from her natural B-cup to a D-cup.
Naz dropped the bombshell on Twitter yesterday, after taking to the social media platform to clear up any misconceptions about her natural looks.
“FYI I wasn’t wearing false lashes at the cocktail party tonight, I don’t have hair extensions AND my tan isn’t fake,” she wrote, adding the hashtags #persiangenes and #ethnic.
In response, one Twitter user asked whether it was “just ya boobs” that were fake, and Naz wasted no time replying.
“Yes only my boobs are fake haha. It amazes me how much people are interested to know this sort of stuff lol xx,” she tweeted.
Speaking to Scout, the bachelorette revealed she had the surgery overseas less than a month after making the decision to bump up her cleavage.
Naz (pictured here during a one-one-one date with Jordan) says she's still "a very confident woman".
“I just decided I wanted bigger boobs one day and within a month I was under the knife,” she said.
However, the bodybuilder/landscaper was quick to add that she wasn’t lacking in confidence about herself.
“Regardless of my physical appearance, I was confident before and am still a very confident woman,” she told Scout.
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