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The Bachelor NZ's Anna speaks out: ‘I’m disappointed with Naz’

The claws are out! After leaving the mansion on last night’s episode of The Bachelor New Zealand, former Bachelorette Anna Marshall has a message for her arch-enemy

Booted Bachelorette Anna Marshall had some harsh words for controversial contestant Naz Khanjani this morning, after the 29-year-old was left rose-less on the latest episode of The Bachelor New Zealand.
Naz, a 25-year-old fitness fanatic who hails from Hamilton, has made no secret of her distaste for More FM Wild Card Anna. On two separate occasions, she even went so far as to tell Bachelor Jordan Mauger about her concerns – but until the episodes aired, Anna herself had never known what was going on behind her back.
“I couldn’t tell you what kicked things off between Naz and I,” the More FM Wild Card told us. “I had no idea at the time, because she was nice enough to me in the house. When I left the mansion, I went upstairs to say goodbye to the girls and she gave me a hug goodbye. So to see it play out now on TV is a bit of a shock.”
Tattle-tale Naz got much delight in regaling Jordan Mauger with stories of how insincere her fellow bachelorette’s intentions were - claims that Anna says are entirely untrue.
“I was in it to get to know him 100%,” she tells. “Naz’s words were turned and spun. There’s a way to a man’s heart and if that works for her, then so be it.”
In an interview on The Edge this morning, Anna took the opportunity to address Naz directly, holding nothing back.
“I don’t have a lot to say to her, to be honest. She did what she did, and so be it – but I am so disappointed that she did that and didn’t play fair,” she said.
Later, when host Dominic Harvey asked whether she “hated [Naz’s] guts”, Anna replied “yeah”.
After the episode aired last night, Anna took to Twitter to share a pointed jab at one hater in particular.
But although Anna remained blissfully unaware of all the behind-the-scenes bitching, she only hopes the TV3 show’s “down to earth, funny, and genuine” leading man wises up – and fast!
“Anyone that tell tales, well it’s a given that perhaps they aren’t such a good person and Jordan should know that. Who knows, maybe Jordan’s attracted to that? Maybe he thinks that is hot?”
While she may be out of the running for Jordan's heart, Anna has her own ideas about who could make it all the way to the final rose ceremony.
"My bets are on Storm and Fleur, they had that initial attraction and I hope it continues that way," she says, although she's not as sure about our Kate's chances.
"Kate will stick around but more as a security thing for Jordan because they are comfortable with each other. But I just think they are too friendly, like “G’day, mate”, to be in a relationship."
As for Naz herself, the polarising Bachelorette told us she's not the villain she comes across as on screen and thinks her portrayal hasn't been fair.
"I'm actually quite a nice person, but I'm a realist and I speak what's on my mind," she told us in this week's issue.
Meanwhile, Anna wasn't the only contestant who left the show last night. Samoan beauty queen Metz Iosefa chose to take herself out of the competition before the rose ceremony even got underway, telling Stuff: "I had to really think about whether or not I was forming a connection with Jordan."
"I knew that a date wouldn't change things for me, I knew then it was time to leave," she continued.

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