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Teuila Blakely and Oscar Kightley are buying a house together

The couple have come up with a cool way to further their future.

Kiwi star Teuila Blakely, and her former fiance, actor Oscar Kightley, might not be getting back together anytime soon, but the pair is planning on sharing a home.
Blakely, 42, and Kightley, 47, who may have once considered buying a house as a married couple, are now opting to purchase a property jointly as an investment.
The actress, who is currently starring in season three of local drama Filthy Rich, told Spy she doesn’t hold that much stock in relationships and thinks taking the plunge with a pal to buy a home could be a better way.
“It’s a far easier option than doing it on your own – and a far safer bet than doing it with a partner!”
Recently, the New Zealand-born Samoan star spoke out about striking forth and leaving behind aspects of her past that have dogged her.
In a revealing interview with Canvas, Blakely said she had made a strident effort to put the fallout from the 2014 sex tape scandal with former Warriors player Konrad Hurrell behind her.
“As a woman, at some point, you have to fall in love with who the f--- you are and how the f--- you are. In every single way.”
The solo mother to 21-year-old Jared said a core group of women had helped her develop an increasingly strong sense of self.
She credited them with being as close to her as her family, and for always being there to “hug you and tell you are a beautiful and amazing and worthy and to never give up.”