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Taylor Swift debuts music video with hidden Harry Styles connection

The singer's new video for her song 'Style' has everyone talking

Taylor's no stranger to rehashing past relationships through her songs, and her latest music video may hold clues to one of her most talked-about exes yet: One Direction's Harry Styles!
Ever since Taylor's album '1989' debuted, people have been wondering whether the aptly named song 'Style' was about her romance with Harry. Now that the video's been released, it looks like all the speculation may have been right!
Not only do the lyrics talk about a boy with long, slicked-back hair, the video itself holds a pretty significant clue. Alongside the stunning shots of beaches, fields and late-night drives, the camera also zooms in on a paper-plane necklace worn by Taylor.
Image: YouTube
While that may not mean much to most of us, Directioners and Swifties will know that Harry reportedly gave Taylor the necklace while they were dating. Seems like Taylor's sending a message loud and clear!
Check out the video below:

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