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Suzanne Lynch: 'I’ve always loved my body'

The Chicks singer Suzanne Lynch talks summer and body confidence.

Thrust into the spotlight as one half of singing sensation The Chicks when she was just a young teenager, Suzanne Lynch quickly became used to living life in the public eye.
But with her exuberance and confidence, Suzanne was born an entertainer and relishes being in the limelight. Fortunately, her positivity extends to how she views her body, which, she says, she's always had a healthy, happy relationship with.
"I think my attitude towards my body has always been good, really," she admits. "I've never put pressure on myself. I like to look as good as I can – my occupation does have an impact on me to a degree, because you need to look good when you're in the public eye. But I've always loved my body.
"It may need a little work right now – it's been a long winter! Has anyone seen my waistline?" she laughs. "I've been walking Takapuna beach for weeks trying to find it!"
Suzanne's not a fan of fad diets, prefering to enjoy treats in moderation. "When I was younger, I could eat anything and not put on weight, so I never really thought about it! I just make sure I don't eat too many carbs these days."
Plastic surgery and Botox simply aren't for her. "I prefer to grow old gracefully," she says. "I'm not brave enough for plastic surgery anyway – I've seen too many bad results!"
The mother-of-two is now a little less eager to get into her togs than she was as a teenager. "I used to live in my bikini all summer when I was a little younger. These days, I wear a one-piece. Although, at times, I'm afraid to wear it, depending on the situation!"
But she'll never say no to being whisked away to a tropical island to unwind by the pool, preferably in her favourite destination – Fiji. "It's always a great time – warm weather, smiling faces and a swimming pool. Bliss!"

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