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Stars to the rescue! Hollywood heroes

The stars that got involved to save others

Helping someone in need is second nature to us all.

And it’s no different for the stars.

We take a look at celebrities that took major risks to help those in need.

Check out our Hollywood heroes gallery.

When fire broke out after a lightning strike on Sir Richard Branson’s private island in 2011, it was Kate Winslet who came to the rescue of Richard’s mum Eve. Photos: Getty.

“Kate swept me into her arms to help me down the steps,” recalls Eve. Photo: Splash.

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Supermodel Heidi Klum turned superwoman in 2013, when she rescued her son Henry from being pulled into a rip tide in Hawaii. “One second, everything was fine and the next second, the wave came and kind of swept him in,” Heidi said. “I had to grab him and yank him out.” The star also had to help the nanny. Photo: Getty.

Earlier this year, Jaime Foxx rushed to the scene of a crash outside his California home. The actor, along with another rescuer, smashed a window and cut through a seatbelt in order to drag the driver to safety. Photo: Getty.

The dad of the victim personally thanked Jamie for his help. Photo: NBC4

In 2011 Ryan Gosling stopped a fight on the streets of New York. A video watched by millions went viral on YouTube capturing the whole incident. The actor calmed the situation down ultimately ending the fight. Photo: Getty.

Demi Moore was the virtual hero of two suicidal teens who tweeted their drastic intentions on the internet, one in 2009 and another in 2010. Demi picked up on the vulnerable pair, reposting their messages on her own page and bringing the situation to the attention of support groups, who were able to intervene. Photo: Getty.

Survival expert Bear Grylls is the last person we would have expected would need rescuing. But while filming his hit survival show Man vs Wild with Will Ferrell in Sweden in 2009, the ex-SAS man fell down an ice cliff. Photos: Getty.

Luckily Will grabbed his rope clinging on for 40 minutes in freezing conditions until the action man was out of danger.

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