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Spencer Pratt says he fainted twice at Heidi Montag’s ultrasound

The reality star has confessed to fainting during the very first ultrasound!
Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag have excitedly shared videos from their second ultrasound scan yesterday.

The happy couple shared videos of the scan on their social media pages of the scan, as Heidi is now five months pregnant with the couple’s first child – a boy.

But Spencer revealed that at the couple’s first ultrasound a couple of months ago, he actually fainted – not just once, but twice!


In an interview with askmen.com, Spencer offered advice to dads-to-be – and inadvertently revealed he’d fainted at the first scan: “Definitely when you go to the ultrasound appointment, don’t be standing.

“I recommend sitting or lying down because there’s a good chance you will faint. I’ve fainted twice now. So yeah, I would say don’t think you’re just going to be standing looking at the image like you’re just watching Netflix.”

He also added that Heidi was a bit concerned about him even being at the birth: “Heidi is even a little nervous about me being in there after me fainting a couple of times, but if anything I’ll probably be sitting in a wheelchair.”

Heidi and Spencer shared snaps and videos from the ultrasound on their social media.

The couple, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother together earlier this year, are expecting their little bundle of joy on October 19.

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