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Silver Fern Kayla Cullen pays tribute to where her netball career began

Silver Fern hot shot Kayla Cullen reveals a different side of her personality.

You were given the opportunity to design your own Nike shoe to tell the story of who you are as an athlete. What inspired your design?
The green laces represent the first team I played for; Meadowbank Primary, where my netball journey began.
I chose the Nike Flyknit because the woven/knitted concept of the upper part of the shoe represents all the support networks, such as teammates, coaches and the hard work and sacrifice it takes to achieve your goals. You’re not as strong alone as you are together.
The black sole of the shoe represents the black dress I wear when I play for the Silver Ferns and how proud I feel when wearing it.
The silver speckles and silver Swoosh represents the fact that I’ve not yet achieved the ultimate goal of gold at a World Cup, but rather the silver medal we gained at the 2015 World Cup.
It’s a reminder of why we’re putting in the hard yards now, so in the long run it all pays off. I'm certain the next pair of Nike shoes I design will have the gold Swoosh!
What are your go-to training outfits at the moment?
I love my colourful tights, like Nike’s Epic Lux Tights and Power Speed Tights. They’re so comfortable.
Quickfire questions:
What's the last movie you saw? The Legend of Tarzan.
What's your favourite breakfast food? At the moment, it's coconut porridge.
What's the one gym exercise you loathe? Upper body or any arm-specific exercises.
Who is your favourite netball player of all time? Irene van Dyke. I was so lucky to have been able to play with her – she is an absolute legend!
What are three things you love about winter? Eating delicious warm food to warm your insides. Sleeping when it's raining and stormy outside. Wearing sweatpants every day because it's so cold.
Where would we find you on a Friday night? These days, it’s at home on the couch watching a movie.
What’s your favourite workout song? You and Me by Jupiter Project.

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