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Shannen Doherty shares her first day of radiation treatment

“Radiation is frightening to me.”

In her mission to be completely open and honest throughout her cancer battle, Charmed alumni Shannen Doherty has done exactly that, sharing a candid snapshot into her first day of radiation treatment.
On November 28, the 45-year-old posted a picture to Instagram of her in hospital, captioning it #RadiationMondaySucks.

Beside it, she also shared her fear of the treatment itself.
“I look like I'm about to make a run for it, which is accurate,” she says.
“Radiation is frightening to me. Something about not being able to see the laser, see the treatment and having this machine moving around you just scares me.”
“I'm sure I'll get used to it but right now.... I hate it.”
In March 2015, the actress revealed her diagnosis with breast cancer and, sadly, since then, the cancer has spread to her lymphatic system.
Standing by her side during this tough time has been her husband-of-five-years Kurt Iswarienko and her mum Rosa Elizabeth Doherty.