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Fifty Shades of Grey director signs on for sequel

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has already committed to filming a sequel to the raunchy film, which hits theatres on Valentine's Day

Talk about forward planning! Despite Fifty Shades not being released yet, Sam is all set to bring the next instalment in the erotic series to life - depending on the success of the first movie, of course.
"I'm signed on," she confirmed to E!.
"Let's see how this one goes first."
We're sure fans of the bestselling books will be eager to see how their beloved characters hold up on screen, but there are at least a couple of people who won't be seeing the movie - Jamie Dornan's wife Amelia and Dakota's mum Melanie Griffith.
"She's very clear and very fun and very level-headed and she knows what she's doing," proud mum Melanie said of Dakota at a pre-Grammy event.
"[But] No, I won't be seeing it."
Meanwhile, Jamie told E! his wife is "definitely not" watching his debut as Christian Grey with him, although as an actress herself, "she has a deep understanding of work and how you get work and the process of making films".

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