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Sarah-Jessica Parker has a wild theory about Sex and the City

The characters may or may not have actually existed!

Sarah-Jessica Parker has revealed a theory about her fellow Sex and the City characters which will no doubt shock some die-hard fans.
The actress, who played Carrie Bradshaw on the hugely popular HBO series, told the Nerdist podcast she’d developed a few ideas of her own about what she thought was actually happening on the show.
SJP said she had often wondered if the three girls, who were her character’s best friends, had actually existed or if they had just been a part of her imagination
“I used to wonder if Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were real,” Sarah-Jessica said.
“They’re such perfectly archetypal characters. So you’re writing a column about sexual politics and observations of female/male primarily, heterosexual relationships, so you’re picking one type.”
Her theory goes that each episode in the series was based on the subject of Carrie’s New York Post column that week, and that her crew represented different types of women instead of being actual living, breathing people.
“You’re saying, ‘This type is this and this,’ and then you complicate it more, like any good writer does. So I’m not entirely sure they are real.
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“I think they are invented types, she is among them because that’s her way of infiltrating the story and affecting the story too, to have her own actions affect those friendships and document their response.
“We don’t know if any of the things that happened are real because she’s just writing a column every week. What we are seeing isn’t necessarily what happened in New York City.”
As far as theories go, it’s pretty fascinating when you think about it. And no matter what, S&TC will always hold a special binge-worthy place in all our hearts.
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