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Sarah Hyland gets support from her 'Modern Family'

The actress praises her onscreen family for helping her through a hard time in her life

Recently, Sarah was granted a permanent restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop. The two had been dating for almost five years before they broke up earlier this year, and it soon came to light that their relationship was less perfect than it seemed.
In court documents, Sarah said Matt was physically and emotionally abusive and even threatened to harm her pet dog. It took Sarah's onscreen mum Julie Bowen stepping in to end the relationship for good.
Now, however, the gorgeous star is determined to move on from the ordeal - and she credits her Modern Family castmates for their unwavering support.
"In every aspect of life they're the best for me," Sarah told People.
"We're always there for each other. And it's wonderful. I love them."
We're glad to hear she's got such a great network of people around her!

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