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Rugby couple Julian and Fatima Savea share on their baby struggles

Fertility issues are posing some problems for the pair who would dearly love to become parents.

Julian and Fatima Savea have opened up on the difficulties they’ve faced in their efforts to start a family.
The couple, who have been together for three years, were married in August last year.
A Muslim ceremony was held in first for Fatima, who comes from a Muslim background, with a second ceremony, and reception, attended by Julian's All Blacks and Hurricanes comrades in Wellington in December.
The gorgeous couple on their wedding day. Photo: Facebook
While the pair are keen fur parents – there’s three in total: a French bulldog and two white Samoyeds - Fatima (22) has revealed having babies are high on her and Julian's priorities.
“Julian is a father already and he would absolutely love a whole rugby team of children, but to some it comes easily and to others it’s very difficult and unfortunately we are on the difficult side of things,” she told NZME.
The couple have even gone as far as contacting adoption agencies in the Middle East in an effort to begin growing their brood.

The pair has had to deal with other hardships as well, including struggles with Fatima’s family to accept Julian as her chosen partner.
“It definitely hasn’t been an easy three years for us. I come from a Muslim family and they were not very accepting of the relationship at first, which was very difficult for us both, but we fought hard for what we wanted and now my family wouldn’t have it any other way.
“He’s an amazing man (when he isn’t glued to his PlayStation,) and he’s the most kindhearted person I have ever met. I’m just lucky to have him by my side through the ups and downs life’s thrown at us.”
Julian is in currently Chicago with the All Blacks, and the pair have plans to reunite in Europe soon.

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