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Robbie Williams slams Kiwi concert reviewer

Robbie fires back after a less than stellar concert review

Robbie Williams has labelled one Wellington music critic a “baby eater” after he shared a negative review of the singer’s recent gig in the New Zealand capital.
Simon Sweetman, a reviewer for The Dominion Post, didn’t hold anything back in his write-up of Robbie’s Basin Reserve show on Saturday.
“The fact that Robbie Williams can barely aim anywhere near a high note, let alone hit one, is insulting,” he wrote in his review (published on Stuff).
“After the hits were drizzled out,” he went on, “it started to feel like a crawl to the 90-minute mark.”
Simon was also less than complimentary about Robbie’s decision to cover the Queen hit Bohemian Rhapsody.
“Watching his thin sketch of a voice being plastered over the original was a bit like seeing an upturned smile drawn onto the mouth of the Mona Lisa. With crayons,” he wrote.
Robbie, who’s known for his cheeky demeanour and candid responses, fired back by posting an image of Simon and his son on his Twitter.
“Simon Sweatman: Baby eater,” he wrote, tagging Simon’s blog name in the tweet as well.
Robbie's fans quickly came to his defence on Twitter, many of whom had been at the same concert.
"He clearly saw a different gig to me! As you rocked it," Marley Showler wrote.
"Ignore him. You were amazing," said Jude, tagging both Robbie and Simon in his tweet.

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