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Richie and Gemma McCaw’s stingray holiday selfie

The former All Blacks captain and his wife have gotten up close and personal with the sea creature while on holiday.

While tropical holidaying in celebration of their six month wedding anniversary, Richie and Gemma McCaw have had a close encounter with a very inquisitive stingray.
In a photo posted to social media, the couple can be seen hugging the sea creature while posing for a selfie in the water.
"Caption this #photobomb", Gemma wrote.
Amused fans responded to the photo, encouraging Gemma’s husband to give the animal a sneaky smooch.

"Did you kiss it? Supposedly you will get good luck if you kiss one, so of course I had to try it," wrote one follower.
"C'mon Richie just a little peck while the Mrs isn't looking..."
While the newlyweds have not disclosed where they are vacationing, they’ve kept fans guessing with incredible beachside photos.