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Q&A with Rachel Hunter

The 46-year-old model, star of Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty on TV One, offers a window on her world
Rachael Hunter

Top of my bucket list is… To take off with just a plane ticket and $500 in my wallet, travelling from place to place, meeting new people, and living like a local in each country I found myself in.

The website I can’t resist checking is…Instagram (it’s not a website, clearly) but I love to see people’s interpretations of life.

My go-to party outfit is…Elegant black shorts and a really nice black sheer blouse with a wedge heel.

If I was brave enough, I would…Go sky diving but I have a tremendous fear of heights.

My one desert island luxury…A guy, of course!

The best thing not yet invented…Teleportation. Just think – no more customs!

I feel content when… I’m with my kids, Renee and Liam, my family and friends, and when I’m cooking – I love having people over for big dinners.

My advice to my younger self…Stop worrying! That goes for my older self too.

The song that always makes me want to dance is… ‘Happy’, by Pharrell Williams.

My ultimate dinner party guest…

Albert Einstein. His whole idea of imagination, his views on religion and energy… I think he’d bring a fascinating conversation to the dinner table.

My hidden talent… I’m really good at bowling backwards.

Most of my time is taken up by… I delegate! I don’t want anything to take up too much of my time. So I guess you could say most of my time is taken up by – living!

To me motherhood means…To love unconditionally.

My ‘last supper’ meal would be… I believe in reincarnation, so there will never be a last meal.

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