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The touching note Gemma McCaw received from a very special well-wisher

'Never underestimate the impact of a warm smile, an encouraging word, a thoughtful card or doing something for someone that you may have only just met.'

By Alex Blackwood
It has been over a month since Gemma and Richie McCaw announced their pregnancy and it won't surprise you to learn that the couple have been receiving congratulations from all over New Zealand. But one special note that Gemma revealed on her Instagram particularly stood out.
The note was from an elderly woman that Gemma met years ago in the changing rooms of Auckland's Millennium gym. The note was not only a heartfelt tribute to Gemma and Richie, but a beautiful comparison of their relationship to the 84-year-old writer's own long and happy relationship with her 93-year-old husband.
Gemma proudly showed off her baby bump at NZ Fashion Week.
Gemma responded to the note in the caption of her Instagram. "When I moved to Christchurch, I often thought about this lovely lady and her beautiful outlook on life, hoping our paths would cross again. When I opened this card, I knew straight away who it was from and these are the moving words she shared," Gemma captioned the post.

Despite the age difference between Gemma and the writer of her note, the kinship between the two is evident.
"I admired her perspective on life and she loved swimming lengths 3 times a week, which she believed kept her mind sharp and body active." shares Gemma. "She said age shouldn't be a barrier and I couldn't have agreed more."
Ever the helpful wellness blogger, Gemma ends the post by saying how much the note meant to her and finally, a reminder to her followers that "we all need kindness in our lives."
Her only hashtag sums up the interaction perfectly: "#HeartFull"