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Our stars' beach essentials

Sun, sand, surf – what more do some of our high-profile kiwis need on their days off?

Samantha Hayes - TV3 presenter and Newsworthy host
• My phone because I can’t go anywhere without it!
• Sparkling water
• Coola sunscreen
• Blistex
• A cap
• A big beach towel
• Maybe a bottle of pinot gris or rosé – if I’ve got nothing on later – and some green olives.
• In my other arm is my paddleboard and paddle.
• I keep a badminton set and euro tennis, also known as paddle ball, in the boot of my car for beach trips, and play either depending on how windy it is!
David Farrier- Newsworthy host
• Birdseed. My parrot Keith is usually on my shoulder in summer, so birdseed is a must. He’ll happily eat chips and drink beer, but this isn’t healthy for parrots so the seed is important.
• I’ll always have a Stephen King book on hand over summer. His latest is a book of short stories, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. Sounds like good summer reading to me.
• My phone. I can’t stay off Twitter and news.
• It won’t be going into the beach bag, but an Xbox is vital for the holidays. Because even though it’s summer, there is still going to be a night-time, and that time needs to be spent playing Metal Gear Solid.
Sam Wallace- TVNZ weather presenter
• Budgie smugglers. Proud to bring them into beach living in New Zealand.
• A pair of rolled-up rugby socks.
• Coconut sunscreen – the smell of summer.
• A giant bubble of high pressure – if only!
• Some cold KFC.
• And I never forget one must-have item if I’m heading out west – flip-flops to prevent third-degree burns on that iron sand!
Toni Street- Seven Sharp presenter
• A beach cricket set
• Boogie board
• A book
• A big wide-brimmed hat
• Refrigerated scorched almonds!
Paul Ego- Comedian and 7 Days team captain
• Togs, pants or a lava-lava. The last is my favourite because when you put it on, you can say loudly, “Hey guys, I’m a lava-lava not a fighter-fighter.”
• A penguin. There’s nothing cooler than being the guy on the beach with a penguin on his lap. If people question you about it, just say, “First time he’s seen the water, he’s pretty excited.”
• A Jack Reacher book. You never know when you’ll have to fight a group of men for towel-space and Reacher books get you into the sort of violent headspace you’ll need to accomplish beach domination.
• Chips ‘n’ dip. Nothing says summer like a big bag of crisps and some cheese ’n’ onion dip. The dip can also be used as sunscreen if you forget to pack that.
Jacqueline Nairn- Shortland Street actress
It’s tricky when a redhead decides to brave the beach, because to be perfectly honest, it’s a lot like just sticking me on the grill! I need a big summer bag because it’s a bit like a military operation.
• Sunscreen. I put about three layers of 50+ on before I even leave the house.
• Some kind of shelter to protect me from the sun – a handy tent shelter or oversized umbrella if trees are in short supply!
• A few sarongs that double as “sun coats” if I am forced to leave my sun shelter to head to the ice-cream truck.
• A journal. I’m always inspired to write at the beach... thoughts... lists... a novel ...
• A chillybin with ice, a bottle of bubbles and Champagne glasses. That’s how people will entice me to a beach, so that’s a must!
Kerry-Lee Dewing- Shortland Street actress
• A bottle of water – a necessity for hydration!
• The newspaper or magazines for the crosswords and Sudoku, my guilty pleasure.
• Scripts. I don’t complain about working on the weekends if my office is horizontal under the sun.
• A blow-up pillow for comfort factor.
• Sunblock – TiZo protection is my sunscreen for my face.
• Sunnies and a hat... As long as my face is in the shade, I’m a happy camper.

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