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Orlando Bloom's mum battles the media on his behalf

The star's mother has stepped up against what she says are "repeated inaccuracies" in how the media has portrayed Orlando.

As Orlando Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr honeymoons with her new hubby Evan Spiegel, a very special lady in Orly's life is helping him keep his career on track.
He's scored himself a momager - look out, Kris Jenner!

The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales star's mummy dearest, Sonia Copeland Bloom, has taken it upon herself to send "up-to-date and 100 per cent accurate" résumés out to national newspapers across Britain.
Yes, really!
Because she’s unhappy with how the star's life are being portrayed in the media and is apparently "fed up" with the "repeated inaccuracies" being broadcast about her son's "upbringing and career", reports the MailOnline

Obviously, she's one seriously proud mama... And she wants to make sure nobody has the wrong idea about her son.
The former journalist has listed her son’s filmography, his honorary degree at the University of Kent and his humanitarian awards in the four-page document.
Also included in the paperwork? A page of the hottie's best reviews, calling the 40-year-old "fabulously uncomplicated and effortlessly sexy."
Not Mum's words, thankfully… although we wouldn’t be surprised!

Orlando, of course, has big love for his mama too. "My mum is an original," the actor recently posted on Instagram. "One [of] the most authentic people."
Family is hugely important to the star, who recently penned a touching tribute to his six-year-old son Flynn.
"When I was a boy, I dreamed of creating a kingdom to share and balance love with life career and everything in between," he gushed on Instagram. "Something I didn't fully comprehend till my son opened my heart... could not be more grateful."