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Oprah Winfrey made how much for a tweet about bread?!

The media mogul raked in $18 million to be exact.
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$18 million would be a huge win in Lotto, but imagine raking in that amount for a single tweet.

And not just any ordinary tweet, but one about bread.

That’s right, according to Market Watch, Oprah Winfrey made US $12million ($18 million) after tweeting this video, above, about how she’d lost weight on the Weight Watchers programme, and didn’t have to cut out the carb-heavy product of bread.

“I lost 26 pounds (11.7 kilograms) and I have eaten bread every single day,” she announces in the 32 second clip, praising the company.

So exactly how did she make such a huge amount of money? Shortly after the 61-year-old Weight Watchers ambassador tweeted to her 31 million followers, the company stocks rose significantly, going up by a little over $2 per share.

And seeing that Oprah owns six million shares in the company, that means her share in the company went up by a whopping $12 million.

Oprah is ranked 211th richest person in America by Forbes.

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