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Nothing Trivial's TV special finale

The Nothing Trivial tele-feature provides some answers after last season’s emotionally charged finale.

Nothing Trivial fans can breathe a big sigh of relief – it’s finally time for some answers after last season’s emotionally charged finale.
On August 3, the fate of Catherine (played by Tandi Wright) will be revealed and loose ends are tied up in a two-hour TV special.
But as the men of the show told the Weekly on our boys’ poker night photoshoot, it’s an event tinged with sadness for the fellas as they say farewell to the characters that have brought them together.
“It’s a bit like having a second family, being on this show,” admits Will Hall, who plays Cory on the popular TV One programme.
Will Hall, who plays Cory, says the Nothing Trivial cast is like a second family.
“You get to come back each season and hang out with your mates and get up to speed with what everyone’s been up to over the break,” adds Richard Knowles.
“There has been something very special about this show,” agrees Shane Cortese. “Even the way the three series have been plotted – the first with the characters being single in their thirties or early forties, navigating relationships in the second, and then children in the third – it’s been a great journey to go on.”
“C’mon, we might still be back though, right?” jokes Aaron Ward. “They’ll wheel us out for a Christmas special or an Easter special, surely!”

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