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Nigella Lawson feeling the heat over ‘Old Fashioned Tomato Salad’ recipe

The celebrity cook has been slammed for her latest offering, with many calling it a “joke”.

She’s known and loved for her wanton way with food, but Nigella Lawson’s latest concoction hasn’t gone down well with her multitude of fans.
Lawson’s many social media followers are fired up after the domestic goddess posted a recipe online this week for her “Old Fashioned Tomato Salad”.
The recipe – which she writes is “is all you need for a summer starter” - calls for cherry tomatoes, chives, and salad cream. The cherry tomatoes are then cut in half and drizzled with the homemade dressing.
The celebrity cook makes a good case for her salad stating: “What I do is sit the tomatoes in the sun, uncut, on a flat plate or two, for an hour before I want to make the salad: it takes any chill off them and makes them taste somehow more tomatoey. Any leftover salad cream can be stored in the fridge in an old jam jar; indeed you may find you want to make double the amount below, so well will it go down."
But her social media followers arent quite as convinced, with many foodie fans taking to Facebook to vent their dismay.
One user wrote: “I REALLY hope this is a joke!? This is a dish of cherry tomatoes cut in half, with a squirt of salad cream… get over yourself for goodness sake!!!”
While another said: “Come on Nigella Lawson hardly a salad, more of a combination of the remaining items in the fridge.”
Not everyone was out to have a go at the comely cook, with one fan commenting there were far larger issues to get upset with in life than an unsatisfying recipe.
“Not sure why people would get so annoyed at a salad lol its not like you’re paying to look at this page … for some people salad is either green salad or tomato salad. Jeez people of all the things to rage against in this life this isn’t one of them.”