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Nicole Kidman shuts down questions during an awkward radio interview

"God, you guys are personal!”

Nicole Kidman is on the press circuit for her new film Lion, but a somewhat invasive BBC radio interview has left listeners cringing.
Host Jenni Murray did not hold back when pressing Nicole about every scandalous tabloid topic from the last couple decades, leading the 49-year-old to exclaim “God, you guys are personal".

The film Kidman was promoting focuses on the relationship between a mother, Sue, and her adopted child, which resonated strongly with the star.
The actress started the interview by speaking of her own decision to adopt two children with then-husband Tom Cruise
“I think I'm very similar [to Sue] in the sense that I had a vision and I had that vision when I was very young [...] I very much related to Sue.”
However it seemed Murray had her own agenda and, after a laugh about how terrible Kidman is at cricket (“I love watching the cricket but I’ve never been very good at it because I’m a little bit frightened of the cricket ball”), she starting pressing her about far more personal matters.
“We have read that there have been strained relationships with the children you adopted with Tom Cruise. How true is that? And if it is true, how do you manage it?”
The Oscar-winning actress took the invasive question all in her stride.
“I don’t discuss any of it. I don’t discuss any of my children in terms of their privacy. All I say is there’s unconditional love, and it’s that simple.”

But the radio host was not done there, asking about husband Keith Urban's alcoholism.“We know that he struggled with alcohol in the past. How do you support someone who’s struggling with alcoholism in the way that you did?”
Again, Kidman managed to skirt around the question with grace.
"That’s for him to talk about [...] Our marriage is an example of working through it with an outcome where you can be together and where he’s sober and very happy.”
Kidman then hit back over Murray’s flippant comment about how involved partners are in the recovery program, saying the process isn’t simple.
“Well we could do a whole program on that.”

Listen to the entire interview here.
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