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Nick Cannon said HE left relationship because of Mariah's 'toxic' environment

Details continue to emerge about the disintegrating marriage of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey as sources say Nick was the one who walked out due to the “toxic environment” around Mariah

Sources who are connected to the couple have reportedly informed TMZ that Nick, 33, is worried about Mariah’s emotional state and mental health and the effect that it’s having on their two children – Moroccan and Monroe.
He is also concerned about the “toxic environment” around Mariah, 44 – specifically, that her staffers do not have her best interests at heart as they are simply out to make as much money off her as possible, and that it’s not a good environment for the kids to be living in.
According to TMZ, Nick has concerns that their living environment is already causing the twins, aged three, to show “signs of emotional upset”.
Last week Nick confirmed that he and Mariah have been living apart for months: "There is trouble in paradise...we have been living in separate houses for a few months," he told The Insider.
Now it appears he has been hoping to set up a separate “safe” environment away from Mariah to give the kids a “haven from the ‘chaos’ at her home”.
Nick is reportedly hoping to end things as peacefully as possible, instructing his lawyers to “take the path of least resistance,” in order that things remain amicable between the pair, for the sake of the kids.
The pair have been wed for six years, marrying in 2008, when they wed just one month after first getting together.

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