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Netball captain devastated by robbery

Captain of the Mainland Tactix netball team, Jess Moulds, has revealed her heartbreak after returning home to find it ransacked.

The captain of Canterbury netball team Mainland Tactix has expressed her upset, after she came home last Friday to find sentimental items stolen from her home.
Jess Moulds, who was out at training when the robbery occurred, returned home to discover engagement gifts and her uniform had been stolen while she was out.
"It was a little bit scary to see, and you sort of go into a bit of a panic," the Kiwi told Star.Kiwi.
The sportswoman, who is engaged to Andrew Maclennan, says thieves took vouchers, gifts and training uniform, but luckily added that they do have contents insurance.
Laptops, iPads, jewellery and cash were also taken.

Jess praised the New Zealand police for their "amazing job" on the case.
If you have any information on this matter, you should call 363 7400.