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Nadine Chalmers-Ross opens up about moving on from 'Breakfast'

The newsreader reveals why she left TVNZ

In the constantly revolving world of New Zealand news and current affairs television, Kiwi viewers have become accustomed to seeing the presenters we know suddenly bid farewell from our screens.
Just last week, Paul Henry confirmed he’ll soon be departing his self-titled Mediaworks morning show – although he’ll remain with the network in another capacity.
But arguably the biggest television shake up this year was Hillary Barry’s shock exit from TV3, followed by her defection to TVNZ, where she now presents Breakfast with Jack Tame.
Both Hillary and Jack have spoken freely in interviews about their new jobs – but what of the presenters who have moved aside to make room for this show revamp?
Throughout the changes this year, one woman has kept a dignified silence – despite her sorrow. Finally, this week, television presenter Nadine Chalmers-Ross opens up to Woman’s Day about leaving the job she loved two months ago.
Nadine, 30, was with TVNZ’s Breakfast show for eight years as a business reporter, newsreader, and more recently, as co-host. In July, she first had an inkling her job was in jeopardy – and 10 weeks later she signed off from the Breakfast couch for the last time.
After Nadine and co-host Rawdon Christie were replaced by Hillary and Jack, the poised presenter chose to walk away from TVNZ, declining an alternative job offer.
Ever the professional, Nadine refuses to express anything but gratitude towards her former employer – but admits saying farewell to Breakfast was “awful”. “Of course I was upset,” Nadine says. “I mean, I absolutely loved my job and the people I worked with were like family to me.”
However, she tells Woman’s Day she is “grateful for the amazing opportunities that TVNZ gave me”.
She says, “At the end of the day, it was a business decision and television is an uncertain business, so there’s no need to be bitter.”
Nadine says that after the grief of saying farewell to Breakfast, she is finally feeling “great”. Time has healed wounds, she’s enjoyed shifts on Newstalk ZB, writing assignments and MC-ing gigs – and she is considering several job options. But right now, she’s enjoying a well-earned holiday in Europe, before returning for Christmas - and there’s the small matter of summer wedding to look forward to.
For the full interview with Nadine, don't miss this week's Woman's Day

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